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 Dream, ideal and reality Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When I was a boy, I dreamed of dancing with a beautiful girl just like that in movies. Later, when I become a college student, I hold an ideal of learning to dancing. But, eventually, I give up to learn dancing after I feel very shy at a chance of dancing with my girl friend travel industry.

When I was a boy, I played with my little friends with a gun made of paper by myself. So I had a dream to be a police or soldier because I can have a real gun. Now, I have a ideal to make my family happy with my powerful weapon, my hands and brain.

When I was a boy, I envied those who lived in the city, for I believe they are very happy and no need to work on a farm. Nowadays, I do live in the city, however I don't as happy as I believe when I was a child. Actually, I do wish we can go back to the hometown when I was young. We can enjoy the fresh apples and clear air You beauty.

When I was a boy, my teacher told me to become an eminent personage to make our country powerful and stronger. At present, our country has been one of the global power, but I have not been a nice person and at the same time we lost many things in our life. The sun does not rise as it was because we cannot see it for the hazy weather. We have no choice to wear anti-poison respirator to go out. We have to worry about the harm to our children from the bad air. We dreamed the blue sky, the smile with white teeth and the feeling when we look into the distance You beauty.

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 Dare not say dream, cannot coming true either Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Too often, I am in daze recently. I donít know what on earth I am thinking, only know that I feel very tired. In fact it seems that I am doing nothing except thinking too much, when I wake up in the early morning, I coulnít remember anything, and I would like stay in bed a little bit long till some eight or nine, then just eat something. Without I rekon, half of the day has already past, is this the life which I really want?
When I see the trees outside, I realize that autumn is already on his way, though sometimes it still very hot. Sometimes, I would lie on the floor, which is very cool, seeing the clocks click-clock on the wall. This kind of life seems very safe and sound, but makes me feel dull.I decide to take a walk.
Maybe because it is night already, there arenít so many people on the street, the light besides road, seeming a little bit dim. I walk till reach the river bank, there seldom have people but me. Listen the singing of all kinds of insects, only at that moment, I could feel ease and happy, as the same time, I also find that I am a little bit too easy-going. When I was young, I dream to be a pilot , the smile, naÔve self-confidence seem a little bit ridiculous now. But what really seems ridiculous? Too young, too simply? Not at all. I just laugh at myself for I donít have the courage to insist on, lack of self-confidence.
How many dreams we have got when we are young, yet how many we have alread cealed in the corner of our heart. We are sadly find that we are far away from our initial dreams. Why? Partly from we dare not say our dreams, not alone persist our dreams. Partly because we donít know what to do.

In my daily life, I meet some people who feel very upset toward their future, donít know how to spend their rest of life, even lose hope for the life. But we should know that life means, we are born in order to survive, then we may lead a better life. If not, we have nothing but leave this world. We should have the courage to live on, in our own way. Donít think too much about othersí way of living, we are crying when we were born, we shouldnít crying when we are die. If that, we really lead a sad life. 
What we want to do, just do it. Dream need us speak it out aloud, even if others disagree. We should know that we should not keep so many regrets in our life. Make our dreams come true, make our lives colourful, what we want, just do it, that is all.

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 We broke up finally Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 This morning about 3:00,I finally decided to send the massege to tell you I can't persist in any long.I have to give up .Then I didn't sleep until daylight,all my brain were you.In fact,these words had been ready by before night.But I still without enough brave to send it,because I know what it means.We will from the closest person turn to the most farmilar strangers.Before,we said we are the last one of each other,but this morning I destroy it.
Maybe it is cruel to you,but it much more cruel to myself.I don't know how to do,I love you, I am earger for staying with you at any moment triton 2 tank.

    Last week this time we are keep so close,but today,a week after last week,we start to become the most farmiliar stranger to each other.If this weekend we went to the shantou successedly,then all of that wouldn't happen,bothe of us couldn't drop to this pain hole.And we could discuss the matter I move to your city,but all of that didn't happen.The reality is all of our dreams were broke,we can't back to before.Maybe we never see each other again Virtual to Cloud Backup.

    Now I fell so paiful,my heart can't be stopped to match you,my brain full of your face,your words.I find it so hard to let go of you.I begain to hate myself, why I can't control my mood when you told me this week we can't go to shantou,I expressed my unhappy to you,made you so sad and don't know how to face me.Then cause a lot of misunderstandings.

    I don't know how to do, the lovers pajamas were washed and put in the cabinet, I don't know how to deal with it,send to you?or keep in the cabinet,or I take it to you. If this night I receive you any massege or call,I will run to you don't care anything.But I know it is could't happen,you will never contact with me any more HealthCabin review.

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 Free days Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After work, I can arrange myself. Usually I go back home and then go for physical exercises after having supper. That is a good feeling. These days are supposed to be the most free time since most of guys have gone back their hometown. Only those natives who are required to stay in the office Dream beauty pro.

The spring festival now is nothing but a longer holiday for me. The only goodness for me is that I can think and do something else. Wandering around, I kind of miss the moment when I was very young when the atmosphere of new year was more exciting for kids. At that time, the deficiency of candies and other food made it hard for us to have. Only at the special time, such as a wedding ceremony, spring festival, there would be possible for us to get the chance to have something to enjoy. Though now we can easily have a smart phone and a car, but it seems that people are still busy chasing for everything. At one time, we were easily going to be content with things we owned. The feeling of happiness was also fully satisfied in everyone's heart Dream beauty pro.

There was the special moment before the arrival of new year. It was the time people would prepare making rice cakes. Firstly, the process is to be ready by stocking up glutinous rice. The second step is to make sure that rice should be immersed and kept totally soaked into water for more than 24 hours, the longer of being kept in water, the better of enjoying the cake. There would the third step, we call the rice milling. After that, villagers were busy preparing for it by lining up to steam milled rice. The scene was magnificent as the large group of people waiting together. That would the forth step, which needs to be steaming in steamers. And then, fragrance of rice always haunting around, I could not helping swallowing saliva. Then the steamed rice would be positioned into a stone tank and punched by a wood made hammer. Finally it was done to be like a huge pie and to be cooled off till getting hardened again. About several days later, the big pie would be cut into pieces. Glutinous rice cake was made.

Now it is very easy to buy and eat from supermarkets and restaurants. But I just can not feel such a sense of sweet childhood anymore. The only thing I can do is to think of those old things which are very interesting Dream beauty pro

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 Writing pulses recorded Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

On the film Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday afternoon I watched the American film Romeo and Juliet in Chinese version on TV. I feel guilty to be attracted by the sexy heroine, who, it seemed to me, is seized with sexual desire and physical love. I first learnt about the play by listening to the translated form over the radio when at school. I was favorably impressed by his exquisite language dubbed by actors with melodious voices. Then I watched curiously the black-white film also translated on TV. This time I became further acquainted with the fantastic clues of the romantic story. Although it is classified as one of Shakespeare's tragedies, I have never been imbued with sadness when appreciating it. I think Shakespeare's plays can only entertain audience or readers but fail to move them at all, for they're based on fantacy rather than reality. That may be the reason why the realistic writer Tolstoy negated Shakespeare and his works completely while all the world praised him to the skies. Nevertheless, his brilliance in literary language is praiseworthy after all vpark.  

Death of Chen Zhongshi

A few days ago, Chen, one of the most influential contemporary writers, died at the age of 75. White Deer Plain is his masterpiece. Once interviewed, he said he was the son of a common peasant. He was so depressed that he even decided to end his life after his failure at the college entrance examination during the three-year period of famine. But his father was optimistic and never worried about it. He told his son it was not bad to be among the peasantry, the majority of the Chinese population. He never cherished high hopes on his son. He would be satisfied as long as his son could read and reckon. I that case, his son could not be easily cheated or fooled. Finally the son was convinced to keep a low profile. From then on he did not dare to conceive any unrealistic idea. Later, when he was taken on as temporary teacher at a rural school, he found the life described in the work in the textbook was familiar to him. He thought he could write that sort of work himself as well. Then he began to try his luck by writing. At last he succeeded and accomplished more than a university graduate can reach. The standard he adhered to was not to lie, not to boast, not to talk wildly, except presenting the truth.

Spring night rain

A delicious shower occurred last night as forecast. It is a nice rain for three reasons-it fell after sowing;it was silent without disturbing the people in sleep;it does not affect people's daily lives. It is so considerate, friendly and helpful just as a virtuous person. There were less snowfalls last winter and it seemed a drought in this spring would be unavoidable. But luckily, it rained several times before plowing. Now it came again when urgently needed. The new grasses, new leaves on the trees are refreshingly clean. This reminded me of my transplanting apricot or peach seedlings from the fields nearby to our yard in my childhood. Such reminiscence is so sweet whenever I recall the happiest days in my life. Is there any period in life that is happier than childhood JUPAS Interview?

Possible waterlogging

The other day I had ever sighed at the southern flood caused by the lasting rain and felt lucky in the north. Now it's our turn to be suffered from the same disaster to our surprise. Last night a heavy rain started and continued all day long, unprecedented in such season. The last Friday night rain was good enough for the seeds just sowed to take root. As the weatherman said, "Spring rain is precious as oil;if it's too much, it'll worry the people."Up to this afternoon, puddles of water could be seen between the completely saturated ridges in the fields. Moreover, in the coming three days, it will continue to rain according to the weather forecast. This makes me recall what Confucius said, "Going too far is the same as falling short. " Obviously, man's activities have ominously disordered the regularity of climate. He is being punished severely for his destruction of nature.

Hate to be unwelcome

After several days of rainy and overcast weather, this afternoon the sun made its first appearance against the blue sky dotted with dispersed white clouds. With the help of howling wind, I firmly believe the surplus water in the soaked fields will be vaporized quickly. I got relaxed further when I saw the starry night sky on my way to our apartment. I had to take a bus or private cars to work the last two days. This morning as I passed the river to school I saw it rise over its banks, which usually happened in summer. And a new stream came into being at the lower fields which were saturated with or submerged under a large patch of water. I asked leave after school and walked home early. I'm really reluctant to ask any of my colleagues owning cars for a lift. Except in rainy days, I wouldn't ride their cars. I prefer to cycle or walk as long as the weather permits. I hate to feel myself unwelcome Hong Kong Travel Agency

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